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Renault Duster Modification | getting the USB power concealed

I was looking forward to have my USB power wires to be concealed, for a while now. I normally use power cables for the mobile and the DashCam charging. But as you can see below, its wires running through the dashboard and were cluttered.  Sometime its not good to have them like that when you drive as it can be distraction.

This is after the modification. Top left is the input for the DashCam and Top right is for the mobile.

What you need for the Mod:
1. Fuse Tap  (Ordered from Amazon)
2. Fuse (Small red item) with proper rating, say 5 Amp.  I purchased from local shop.
3. Dual Port USB Car Adapter (Ordered from Amazon
4. 2 USB cables

5. Multimeter to identify the fuse to be connected to
6. Soldering Iron and Solder


1. Identify the fuse port to be used. Fuse box next to the passenger compartment on the left of the dash and you will see it when you open the door. You need a port that gets power only when the key is engaged.  Many ports are live even without even the key engaged. Look for the correct port.  Make sure that the fuse tap is engaged in the orientation in which the power comes through the Fuse.  Check by removing the fuse tap, if the power gets disconnected. otherwise, you will have to reverse the fuse tap orientation.

2. identify the location for the USB Adapter to be placed.  I chose the central light console area.  

3. solder the wires to the adapter.  Center pin is the +ve which has to be connected to the fuse tap.  side pins are negative which has to be connected to any part of the body.  decide the cable length accordingly.

4. Pull the +ve cable to the Fuse box through the top and through the side pillar.  I ran the -ve upto the screw thats used for the sun visor. then the 2 output cables were also routed to the locations needed.

Now I am wireless :)

total time spent : ~ 2.5 hours including soldering


Bernard Choi said…
Renault Duster is a very cool and stylish car with more power. The duster mileage is good for families.

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