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Remove the external links from an Excel File.

Sometimes its so happens that when you open an Excel file, it asks if the External Data needs to be updated or not. But you may not have intentionally given any external links. It’s an irritation then. But How to get rid of it?

Most likely it could be because of a Formula or a Named Ranges, although there are other possibilities as well.

1. How to identify the problematic Formula.

Goto the menu "Edit > Find" ( or press ) and enter as below and click "Find All".

2. How to identify the problematic Named Range.
Look for a Named Range that is linked to an external Workbook.

I do it this way.

go to an empty portion of the worksheet.
go to the Menu "Insert >> Name >> Paste" and click "Paste List".
Now you can manually search or use the method 1 to identify.

For the full info, click here.


-- said…
thanks.. it was useful..
Anonymous said…
You raise a lot of questions in my looks awesome too, thanks for the post.Hope to see more posts like these in future from you.
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