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Wheel Rolling and falling. Made in ProE Mechanism.

This is the continuation of the previous post that I had. I modified the previous mechanism a little bit, and I got this. I removed the slot-follower connection and instead I added an additional pin connection which makes the wheel rotate about the vertical. That plus the manipulation of the tilting angle resulted in this. I think the rendering also is a bit better. It took almost couple of hours to capture the rendered video! But worth the effort.. Here is the video...

Wheel Rolling and tilting. Made in ProE Mechanism.

This is a Mechanism (with Animation) of a wheel rolling along a guide curve, tilting on its way.. I was browsing through the PTC Forum and found a requirement. He wanted to simulate a wheel rolling along a curve with a possibility of tilting as well. I have been playing around with mechanism options for my other task . So I thought of giving it a try.

Proe Files - Handling Old Versions.

This is typical view of ProE files saved in a folder. For a beginner this can be bit confusing and sometimes will lead to some problems. What is it Each time you save a ProE file, it creates an additional file (instead of overwriting it). file.prt, file.prt.1 etc. Next time you save and it will create another file with next higher serial number

Printing the Books, the Old school way.

I have this video of the The Old School Printing Method. Interesting, to say the least. Check out.

Answer to the ProE Puzzle 001

Here is my answer for the proe puzzle_001 . I must admit that, I could not fully solve my Qn. I will come to that later.

Compress ProE model beyond what a zip can do.

This is a something I noticed in the past and it an come handy sometimes. So here we go. When you are in an urgency to send a BIG (in file size) ProE model over e-mail and the zipping is good enough then what would you do. One possibility is to zip and split into multiple files and send as multiple mails. Then when you receive, you can combine and unzip it. There is another way. For this you need a small tweaking of the model in ProE. What you do is to make insert mode at the beginning (you can leave one or two features at the beginning in resumed status) and the file size come really down. Don't ask me why. I don't know. In both cases you have the full information needed in the file. But one is very small !! Strange, isn't it.

How to dimension the arc angle in ProE Sketcher

How to add an angular dimension for an arc in ProE Sketcher Mode. I have seen people creating radial construction lines at the beginning and at the end to insert the angular dimension. But thats not necessary. There is an easier way.

Select the ProE default options without clicking

Most ProE users may know this. This one is for those who missed out. In ProE, the Middle (Scroll) Mouse Button acts like a Default selection. In most commands of ProE, you will find one option in Bold. The straight forward option is to go there and click it. But pressing the middle button will select the default option automatically. You do not have to move the mouse at all. This also applicable in many Dashboard Commands and other like File-Open. Save your precious time ! If you have not used it, get used to it now on. Footnote: You can configure ProE to have your default option changed as well.. Thats another post coming later..