Sunday, 7 August 2016

Arduino Project #2: Phone Dialer

This project is to make a phone dialing adaptor using Arduino to simply dialing the intercom extensions.

The apartment complex that I am staying has about 300+ flats and the intercoms are being setup.  We have 4 blocks, each block has max of 11 floors and each block-floor has multiple flat types..  So the extensions are done with a certain logic, first digit as block number (1-4), next two digits as floor number (1-11) and the last digit as flat sequence in that block. By that logic, flat 9-J will be having an extn no of 2092, 2 as J type is part of B-Block, 09 for 9th floor, and J has a sequence number of 2.

I was thinking, can I make an interface where I an enter 9J and the correct extension gets dialed!  So thats my next project!

Initial Ideas:
1. make a provision of entering the flat no (9J)
    - using same keypad with OLD-SMS type dialing for Alphabet entry
    - use a joy-stick to run through the sequence (up-down changes floor, left-right changes type)
2. make an adaptor for Dialing
    - cheat the phone to simulate the key press
    - use a DTMF chip to generate the dial tone

watch this space for more update....

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