Saturday, 21 May 2016

Focus Stacked Bug

Today morning, my son found a dead bug with bright colors around our home. Suddenly I realized the opportunity for a stacked photo and swung into action. I wanted to do it for a while and this was good chance before the colors go away. below are couple of selected ones.

I was able to take a series of stacks in about an hour. Further an hour in Zerene Stacker did complete the task. I am glad that I have spent those sleepless nights with the focus stack DIY, without which this would be nearly impossible to do.

Next I need (wish) to take a similar photo of live honey bee! taking stack of a live one is a whole different ball game though.

Please let me know what you think..

[EDIT: 23 May 2016]

here are 3 of the unedited snaps used in the stackup.  I had used 30 or so pictures to cover the entire subject. You can notice how shallow the depth of field is, on each photo and the area in focus is different on each one.  This is achieved by moving the camera precisely using the Arduino Controlled automated rail, which can be configured for each situation.

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