Saturday, 23 April 2016

Focus Stacking Automation, First proto is ready

Hi there,

I have an update on the project. I was able to, at last, make everything into a prototype mode. It is working and getting into some shape.

 I have never done soldering before and making the PCB out of the proto boards was real challenge for me. I even spoiled one easy driver board! But some how I completed it.

Now I can control the Stepper Motor from the control box keypad with feedback and updates on the LCD window.

Main features are:
Key A: Move the rail to far side at full speed.
Key D: Move the rail to near side at full speed.
Key B HOLD: Move the rail slowly to far side.
Key C HOLD: Move the rail slowly to near side.
Key # * : Start focus stacking from near side.
Let # D : Start focus stacking from current position.

At any stage during operation, any key pressed will cause an emergency stop.

You can specify all these, near position, far position etc using keypad as well.

Next step:

I have also received the Velbon Macro Rail. I need to fix the Stepper Motor on it.

I also have to do trials with the opto isolator for the camera triggering.


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