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My first Focus Stacked Macro Image

While I am trying to make the automation to do the focus stacking, it is also important to try out the stacking manually.  Today I did my first ever macro focus stacked image of a flower. Setup: three extension tubes (36mm + 20mm + 12mm = 68mm) and reversed 50mm lens.  This gives a 2:1 macro (double size) image.  Here is the setup and the result.  Its a stack of 10 images done in photoshop.

Focus Stacking Automation, First proto is ready

Hi there, I have an update on the project. I was able to, at last, make everything into a prototype mode. It is working and getting into some shape.

Aurdino for macro stacking - testing the water

I had ordered some of the necessary elements and have started to do some of the basic stuff with each. I am yet to get the rail itself and it may take some more time. But for the testing I have just connected two wheels to the Stepper Motor. What I have now: 1) Aurdino Uno 2) Stepper Motor 3) LCD Display, 16x4 4) Keypad, 4x4 5) Easydriver for Stepper Motor And accessories like Breadboard, Jumper wires, multimeter..