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search and find all supressed features in proe

How to find all supressed objects in Proe (Pro Engineer) easily.. Yes, its easy.. no manual search is needed... Thanks to to ProE seach method..

Go to Edit -> Find and the rest is in the picture.

Select all the items in the left list, add all to the right, Click Close.

Now you can do what ever you want with it. Say delete all at once!

This is also applicable for the assembly models. Make sure that the check box "Include Submodel" is clicked. By default it will be checked anyway. Try and let me know.

We have used option in some other way as well. We normally rename the dimension symbol to some meaningful text and the same name will be coming in different parts when it represents the same data.

What if we want to change one such dimension in all parts. Use this option. Search for Dimension. In the attribute tab, put the dim name and it gives all such dims. Select all. Close the window. Now you can modify all such dimensions at once. Regenrate and you are done.

Hope this helps....



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