Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wheel Rolling and tilting. Made in ProE Mechanism.

This is a Mechanism (with Animation) of a wheel rolling along a guide curve, tilting on its way..

I was browsing through the PTC Forum and found a requirement. He wanted to simulate a wheel rolling along a curve with a possibility of tilting as well.

I have been playing around with mechanism options for my other task. So I thought of giving it a try.

It was not easy for me. Basically I needed three independent drives. One for the Rotation of the wheel on its axis. One for the translation of the wheel along the guide curve. and a third one for tilting. One of the issues was to keep the wheel touching at the ground and on the guide curve during tilting.

So I had to make multiple assembles.

1. The wheel part.
2. An assy with wheel as its part with Pin Connection.
3. Next level assy, with the assy in step 2 inside it so as to get the tilting as a Pin Connection.
4. Top level assy, where the assy in step 3 inside it. Here I used Cam-Follower arrangement and a drive for the translation.

Then take it into the animations and capture with rendering enabled.

(As you can see, my rendering skills are very primitive. ProE doesn't make it any easier also.)

Here is the output.

Now that this was possible, I like to extend it a bit and make it bit more interesting.. Bit busy these days, but I hope I can post that soon..


Link for downloading the video:

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