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Wheel Rolling and falling. Made in ProE Mechanism.

This is the continuation of the previous post that I had.

I modified the previous mechanism a little bit, and I got this. I removed the slot-follower connection and instead I added an additional pin connection which makes the wheel rotate about the vertical. That plus the manipulation of the tilting angle resulted in this. I think the rendering also is a bit better. It took almost couple of hours to capture the rendered video! But worth the effort..

Here is the video...

I will upload the assembly later, so that you can try it out yourself and see the mechanisms.. come back later and have a look.. its almost midnight and I need to sleep, because I have lot of stuff (not ProE) to do before I shift back to Bangalore.. Yaa, after a short stay here in Germany, I am raring to go back :)

bye for now..

Link for downloading the video:


Anonymous said…

Looks so good...


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