Saturday, 20 September 2008

Exploding FootBall made and animated in ProE - Step 01

This is one of the fun I had the other day and thought I would share with you. Its not finished yet, but I thought of keeping it updated here as I progress. Check this out.


I had to model a Football in ProE. This is an assembly which has only two unique parts. One is a Hexagon and the other is a Pentagon. Both of these has the same edge size. As you can observe, every Pentagon is surrounded by 5 Hexagons and every Hexagon is surrounded by 3 pentagons and three hexagons.

The catch here was to get the correct size of the edge for a given ball diameter. I am sure you would be able to find a mathematical relation for that. But I wanted to derive that by geometry. That was interesting.

Then I had to assemble the whole ball in mechanism. Each part is driven by a servo motor. I can control each part by driving the motor.

So this is the first capture that I made.. Further I want to move each element sequentially and rhythmically.. or kind of bouncing like music bars.. or kind of Matrix style..

I will keep posting all the interesting outputs.. Hope i get enough time to work on this.. Keep watching for more on this..

bye for now..

Link for downloading the video:


Nate said...

Nicely done, I am currently working with mechanisms and animations and was wondering how to create an "exploded" assembly animation. Does each component need to be controlled by servos in order to get this result?

Unknown said...


thanks very much for your excellent effort.

it will help me allot in my project if you can send me assembly file of your soccer ball creation.


i,ll be great full to you.

actually i have almost same project but with different panel formate. might you can help me in that too.

Best Regards,