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Love letter by a ProE Designer

Dear Missing Component,

Life has been really hard and I cant get out of this RESOLVE MODE since you have left. I have been trying to LOCATE the missing element and cant SUPPRESS my feelings. I just cant REGENERATE without you. Without you, I'm like a PACKAGED ASSEMBLY. My heart is like a STEP file gone bad with MISSING SURFACES. I am haunted by the thought of you going into another assembly.

I have been keeping my feelings in HIDDEN LAYERS all these while. I liked you for your SIMPLIFIED REPRESENTATION. Your STYLE DEFINITION is the best. I cant forget the RENDERED IMAGE of yours. Your face is like Class-A surface made out of a perfect BLEND. Your body is like a ideal VARIABLE SECTION SWEEP. I have your COPY GEOMETRY with me in my mind and I have defined it as READ-ONLY to protect it forever.

I assure you that if there are conflicts in the RELATION, we can MODIFY THE RELATIONS. If the PARENT-CHILD-RELATION is a problem, we can REROUTE that as well. The PARAMETERS are modifiable. And all problems can be RESOLVED for a perfect regeneration.

My SEARCH-PATH will always be looking for you....

Your Ex neighbouring part...


Anitha said…
ProE Designers would enjoy it...
c0d3r said…
Hillarious and yet moving :) Good Job :D Love it :p

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