Tuesday, 10 June 2008

SOLVE - FOR option in Proe

Well, its a follow-up post. I had mensioned SOLVE-FOR in my previous posting. I thought of elaborating that a bit.

Basically it allows you to solve simultanious equation.

OK. Normally we have relations like the following.

A = F(B). { Eg A = 2B + Tan(B) }
now if you know B, you can find A.

Now what if F1(A,B) = F2(A,B), where F1 and F2 are different functions.
{eg 2B + A/Sin(B) = B * B * Cos(A) }
Now, even if you know B, you cannot easily find A. Here comes SOLVE-FOR.

B = 25
A = 10

2B + A/Sin(B) = B * B * Cos(A)

By giving like this, proe finds the value of A.

You can extend this for multiple relations as well.. Like below.

You dont know the values of A, B. But you have two relations where A and B are valid. Two unknowns and two relations. Solvable, but not always direct.. here is an easy way..

A = 1
B = 1

F1(A,B) = F2(A,B)
F3(A,B) = F4(A,B)


in both cases you would have noticed that I put a value before Solve option. This initialising is needed. Otherwise proe may not be able to solve the relation. Its good to initialise with a probable value.


As you may have seen in the previous post, this option may prevent the relations to be pasted properly when you do a UDF or a "Copy - Paste Special".

so thats it for another powerful feature of proe. Hope it helps..

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