Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tip on creating Co-ordinate system faster.

Target : Proe Wildfire 2.0
Topic : Datum Creation

Have your ever wanted to make a co-ordinate system to assemble a component, but its too complex. Its easy! Here we goooo...

1. Assemble the component in the final position using mate, align etc..

2. Activate the item you want the co-ordinate system to be created to. . for eg, a skeleton file where your assembly co-ordinate system has to be.. Otherwise, the it will be created at the top level..

3. Click on the coordinate system in the component which you will use for the assembly later..

4. Now create the new co-ordinate system.. (Insert -> Datum -> Co-ordinate System). Now it will create a Co-ordinate system matching the component co-ordinate system. Not over yet :)

5. Just select the Reference co-ordinate system in the assembly (or the one which is active now). Proe will adjust the distances and angle automatically so that it will not get shifted.

So you have a new co-ordinate system that refers to where ever you want it to be, but at precisely the location you want that to be AND the best thing is NO CALCULATIONS and NO THINKING !! That's great naaaa???

EXTENSION: You can use the same principle to create other datums as well...

Try and let me know........

1 comment:

Karl K. said...

What are the parent-child relationships created? This sounds like it would be a circular reference: Create csys referencing component csys, now reassemble component referencing this csys.

Am I mistaken?