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Controlling LED through Octolapse for 3D print timelapse

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Color the Excel row based on a value/status

Very often, we would like to differenciate the rows that are having certain status (or specific values in a specific column) in a different color. We can filter for the status and apply the color manually, but we can also do that dynamically or automatically with a specific tweak to the Conditional Formatting feature in Excel

PTC Creo | my Mapkeys for free

I have created a list of frequently used mapkey shortcuts for the PTC Pro Engineer Creo. This is the macro equivalent in creo.  I am copying them below.If you need them, copy paste the content to the "" file in your startup folder. My favourites are highlited and greatly improves the workflow.. For ex, to reach MEASURE. need to go to another menu and click.  Instead, maypkey from any selected menu on the ribbon will work.. Thats wonderful to me... Also, Edit Sketch (ES) is overloaded and will work for Extrusion, Revelution, Sweep etc.. So is aa, pp, zz..  really helps me a lot.. Hope you will start using them as well and get benefited! Let me know in comments, your feedback and issues.... Sketch View           > sv Show and Erase        > se Working Directory     > wd Hiddel Line View      > hi Close (quit) Window   > qw Measure               > mm Erase Session         > ee Insert Mode @ Sel     > is Cancel Insert Mode    > ic edit Sketch

Renault Duster Modification | getting the USB power concealed

I was looking forward to have my USB power wires to be concealed, for a while now. I normally use power cables for the mobile and the DashCam charging. But as you can see below, its wires running through the dashboard and were cluttered.  Sometime its not good to have them like that when you drive as it can be distraction.


Most of us know how to change case before we type a text. But how to change case of a typed text from small-caps, ALL-CAPS, Initial-Caps? It's easy.. * Double tap to select text. Use arrows to expand selection as needed. * Use the ⬆ arrow on the keyboard to cycle through each option. Simple, isn't it.. share if you liked it..

Focus Stacked Bug

Today morning, my son found a dead bug with bright colors around our home. Suddenly I realized the opportunity for a stacked photo and swung into action. I wanted to do it for a while and this was good chance before the colors go away. below are couple of selected ones.

First Focus Stack using automated Rail

I tried to do the real stack using the automated setup. Below is the picture of the final image. Because of the shallow depth of field, I had to do a stack of 64 images to cover the scene. This is next to impossible to do manually. To put things in perspective of the magnification, I have added a hair as well in the frame.